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Tangy's Perfect Fried Rice Recipe:


2 servings of pre-cooked Thai Jasmine rice (preferably cooked the night before)

Two eggs

Two slices of regular packet ham (I prefer honey roasted)

A handful of frozen peas

One to two spring onions

Sunflower oil, 2-3 tablespoons

Light soy sauce


Ground black pepper


Put the peas into a bowl of hot tap water to defrost. Leave for 5 mins.

Chop the ham into small rectangle pieces and put aside.

Beat the eggs into a small bowl and add a pinch of salt

Start to heat up the rice in a microwave if this is taken out of the fridge - 1 min should be sufficient - the rice will finish being reheated in the wok.

Whilst the rice is heating up, start to heat up the wok on a high heat.

Wash and chop the spring onions into small pieces and place into a small bowl.

By this point, the wok should feel hot so add the oil and allow that to heat up

Empty the water from your peas and have all your ingredients to hand - the cooking begins now!

When the oil is starting to smoke, swirl it around the wok then immediately add the beaten egg

Using a wok spatula start to scramble the egg gently until the edges start to set.

Add the rice into the egg and start mixing the egg into the rice whilst tossing and flipping the rice over - make sure you hold onto the wok handle!  If it gets too hot, turn down the temperature a little or take the wok off the heat.

When the egg is mixed into the rice and cooked, add the ham and the peas.

Toss and flip and break up for about 30 seconds - the grains of rice should be separated now

Add a pinch of salt (note - this is optional according to taste)

Add a slug of light soy sauce all over and then toss and flip the fried rice for another 30 seconds.

Your rice should be a nice light golden colour now... finally add in the spring onions and toss and stirfry for another 20 seconds (I like mine a little raw so it has a nice crunchy texture)

Add freshly ground pepper - this is a Tangy thing but I think it makes a difference!

All in all, fried rice should take only about 3.5 mins from heating up the wok to finish, but as with Chinese food, the key is in the prep!


Substitute the ham for any type of leftover meat e.g. shredded chicken from your Sunday roast, or defrosted (and cooked) prawns. For a vegetarian option, I add in sweetcorn in place of meat.

Oil - vegetable or groundnut oil is equally good too.  Definitely do not use olive oil though!

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