All about Tangy's Kitchen...

Tangy's Kitchen was born out of a love of food, simple home cooking and a desire to share this with the world.  Angela Tang, a South East Londoner via West London grew up eating home cooked Chinese food alongside fish fingers and alphabites, and as a result appreciates all things 'food'!

Through Tangy's Kitchen, Angela aims to demonstrate that Chinese food can be tasty and healthy, easy and budget-friendly to make.  Whilst there's a time and a place for the guilty pleasure of Chinese takeaways, home-cooked Chinese food is actually a million miles away from that. At Tangy's Kitchen we offer one to one Chinese cookery lessons in your kitchen enabling you to learn easy dishes from the comfort of your own home.  No more 'I'm doing a stir fry tonight with a jar of black bean sauce and pre-packed veg' from your local supermarket - Angela will show you just how easy it is to make a variety of dishes which are adapted to your own taste yet remains quintessentially 'Chinese'. 

Chinese food is already well-loved amongst us Brits, but has fallen out of fashion in recent years following bad press and new cuisines.  Tangy's Kitchen aims to make Chinese food cool and acceptable again!

Please regularly check back to Tangy's Kitchen for recipe ideas and Angela's blog updates!

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